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As much fun to make as it is to eat                             

Fun for the Whole Family

Make your family time around an open fire "More than a S'More"  with the Jiffy Popper! Whether gathered around your Fire Pit, Campfire, Grill or Fire Place enjoy the taste of freshly popped buttered popcorn. Let the Kid in you experience the Fun and Nastalgia of being a Jiffy Popper!

The Popper is Born

While camping with our BFFS in Maryland and in need of a popcorn fix, a Tin of Jiffy Pop Popcorn was dusted off and the Brain Drain was on as to how to pop that Jiffy over a campfire. Let's just say that "sticks, coat hangers, pliers and duct tape were ingeniously put to use." From these humble beginnings, The Jiffy Popper was born.


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